16 Healthy Smoothies to Boost Your Immune System

On top of that, the smoothie is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, fiber, and other antioxidants to help give your immune system a very large boost. Studies just this past decade showed pomegranate benefits in the treatment and prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, bacterial infections, and UV induced skin damage. For the printable recipe and tips and substitutions, see further down in the post. MegaFood supplements support both your body and a more sustainable future.

You’re welcome to mix and match your smoothie ingredients as you see fit. This smoothie gets a nice citrus punch from the freshly squeezed lemon so make sure to include it! Next time you feel a cold coming on, or you just need a health boost, try this orange smoothie recipe to make your body (and taste buds happy)! When it comes to helping my clients’ diets, I have them start each day with one of my signature immune-boosting, be-well smoothies. I love it in the morning, or I have it for lunch as a meal replacer. Check out our books page for my other favorite books! There are a lot of ways to boost your immune system!

The orangey yellow…ish layer is a mix of mangos, turmeric, ginger, a pinch of cayenne, and more orange.

Each ingredient included in this blended snack has an immune boosting quality: It was doctor appointment after doctor appointment and rounds of antibiotics that I realized I needed to put an end to it. How weird is that? Stress consumes our nutrients, be it vitamins or minerals, leaving our cells without their fuel that makes them function properly. This year I’m sick and tired of everyone else being sick and tired. Honestly, it tastes like vacation! Are you adding probiotic rich foods to your Diet? It’s been 3 months we’ve been using it and have not gotten sick since.

It also sweetens the recipe nicely.

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Check out these 5 healthy smoothies from Simple Green Smoothies and help recharge your first line of defense. If we can sip up some immune-boosting, leafy green goodness to ward off illness, we’re on board 100%! And if you’re feeling fancy, you can make these smoothies into smoothie bowls! Their cough syrup has a sweet taste, honey is one of the ingredients! This is the very first thing I make when I start to feel that tickle in the back of my throat. After all, I can set those intentions this year as well.

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I used fresh berries this time because they were abundant at the market but you can also use frozen berries if they’re not in season. This green smoothie is a far cry from tasting anything like the mega doses of greens and vitamins in it because of the natural sweetness of the fruit we’ve added to our blend. One 8-ounce glass of Indian River Select® orange or grapefruit juice provides more than 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. These six smoothie recipes all contain healthy (and tasty!) I like to add a small amount of fresh ginger to this smoothie, but I consider it optional as it’s still worth making if you don’t have any on hand or simply don’t care for the taste. 250 kcal | Carbohydrates: I personally like thick smoothie so I either freeze my fruit or add a bit of ice. I absolutely adore sweet potatoes for breakfast in these oats, for lunch in this salad, and for dinner with roasted chickpeas and garlic sauce.

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It’s been on my mind for a while. Finally, protein helps calm your hunger hormones, allowing you to have a four- to six-hour window of satiety without feeling like you need to snack before your next nutrient-dense meal. There are many studies that show the ability of dark berries to inhibit tumor growth in cancer patients. We have you covered from drinks, to dessert and everything in-between. You’ll be up and around in no time!

Want more ideas? Feel free to use regular plain or vanilla yogurt as well. Smoothies became habit years ago when my cousin first showed me how her VitaMix blender whipped up all the things. Don’t be afraid to make your own recipe, smoothies are always delicious! Ripe bananas maybe could work too. I love the fresh, sweet taste of Indian River Select® Brand Juice and enjoy drinking it plain or incorporating it into my recipes. I always encourage using spinach in smoothies to get your greens in, because you can’t taste it at all!

For baking, I’ll use maple syrup or honey (which are unrefined sugars), plus mashed bananas or applesauce, to make healthier snacks like these Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies and these Blueberry Banana Muffins. Because I deal with hormone imbalance, my state of mind very easily oscillates from peace to stress, and although my diet has been rich in proper nutrients, I often caught flu viruses. Also, when recovering from a stomach bug, many people like to avoid dairy of all kinds for several days because it can be hard to digest.

It seriously makes our day.

Watch Me Make This Wellness Smoothie:

I lost track after so many cultured salads and bowls! This post and its photos may contain affiliate links. Fresh ginger makes all the difference in flavoring this dish; it also helps with digestive issues, reducing inflammation and even pain. Add some honey (Manuka or raw is great) or maple syrup if the smoothie is not sweet enough for you. Add apple cider vinegar and the small piece of peeled ginger. You need to eat healthy if you want to be healthy because we are what we eat, so eat green!

Turmeric can be found in either powder or root form, turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Looking for a simple way to boost immune system naturally? But having to maintain my SIBO protocol means that I’ve been making much more responsible decisions, and instead, have turned to as many low FODMAP green things as possible. Sharing is caring! I am not a doctor, this drink has helped me get rid of a cold in its tracks but might not work for everyone. This staple fruit is full of potassium, iron, and is beneficial for blood sugar regulation. We are going to drink these all winter and keep the flu and cold away this year!

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The mango pairs so well with the turmeric and ginger and its sweetness cancels out the heat from the cayenne. This smoothie bowl is a staple at home. Studies have shown they actually attack microbes such as viruses.

You will feel healthier, have more energy and find weight loss a lot easier if you have breakfast.

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To help ward against cold bugs even more, I added fresh ginger to the mix. Love love love! As I thumbed through last year’s calendar before recycling it, I noticed goals I set for 2020. We include ginger in some of our favorite home remedies for cold and flu for that very reason. But I noticed my loud audible sigh that came with those thoughts. Gut health love. At those times, I consider it the modern, gut-healthy version of the ginger ale my mom used to give me when I was sick. Can I Use Other Fruits in This Green Smoothie?

It's filled with frozen pineapple, coconut water, fresh spinach, ginger, chia seeds, and banana. Since I’ve said it here, I really have to follow through! If you prefer a green smoothie, add spinach, kale or your favorite leafy greens.

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If I wasn’t so obsessed with Chicago, I’d definitely be in California. Have you checked out our YouTube channel? Are you making health goals this January? I also have the nutrition goal of eating more fruits and vegetables, which I think will happen naturally by cutting out sugary treats. Many are also kosher and non-GMO Project verified. Serve immediately. Blend for about 3 minutes or until smooth. The only questionable ingredient is celery, but according to the FODMAP queen it’s ok to consume one medium stalk or less in a sitting.

Sounds pretty magical, no? But as the new year rolls around, I’ve new and revisited goals and intentions fresh on my mind. Pour into bowls, top with granola, fresh berries, toasted coconut, or any other desired toppings. When you find yourself down and out, here are two other options that may provide natural relief: Try a green smoothie. All the studies cited in this article are found in the book by Dr. Listen to your doctor, kids.

Smoothies are also a great way to fight a cold naturally and they have no side effects.

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Check out their website HERE to learn more and download a discount coupon. Citrus such as oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, lemons and limes are an excellent source of vitamin C which helps maintain the body’s defence against bacterial infections. Here’s what three food experts recommend adding to your go-to smoothie recipe to help your bod better fight off all of the gross winter germs lurking out there. Let’s run down our smoothie benefits. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for more FoodieCrush inspiration. Want to reduce your chances of getting sick this winter? “Must love kale” is a prerequisite for this type of potent plant medicine.

Lacking on protein? Ah, more on that in another Behind the Scenes Real Life post! I'm a huge a fan of ginger and turmeric - the best natural anti-inflammatories you can get.

And this Healthy Green Pina Colada Smoothie packs in the vitamins and green leafy things too! If you’ve skimmed a newspaper or tuned into the morning news (anyone else a Hoda fan?) However, I know it’s not everyone’s favorite. My box was delivered in 3 days and it had a mix of kale, oranges, kiwi, avocado and many other produce items. Or what I like to call, liquid sunshine! Place the smoothie in the fridge overnight and it will thicken in the morning.

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These drinks, filled with every low FODMAP green veggie in my arsenal, have been my strategy for supplementing. Greek yogurt for vitamin D; spinach for fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C; kiwi for vitamin C, D, B6, and B12; flaxseed for omega 3s; and berries for more vitamin D. You want the consistency to be somewhere between a juice and a smoothie.

Ingredients for the Immunity Boosting Smoothie: Share if you like, but I would recommend drinking the entire blender full to get the full benefits. One of the hardest things about going low FODMAP, in addition to the rampant garlic and onion in restaurant cooking, is that it removes so many healthy vegetables from your plate. And then share their germs with me. Look no further, this super-smoothie has got it all! Oh and it tastes heavenly, really.

Read more about the benefits of turmeric here. The moment I made this smoothie I couldn’t stop. If you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Twitter, Want to try Maty’s?

Turmeric & Ginger Immunity Smoothie

All opinions are always my own. Um, and did I mention it’s also addictingly good? Gather the ingredients.

Apart from the comfort they provide their customers, they promote biodiversity and the ability to grow varieties of crops that taste better while operating an environmentally and economically sustainable farming system. This might sound odd, but the red layer is full of some of my most favorite fruits and veggies. Superior nutrition can keep your kids from catching every bug that goes around this winter. I searched through my cupboards looking for potential ingredients that would fight inflammation, provide antioxidants, and help keep colds at bay. Like our chosen fruits, spinach is rich in immunity boosting vitamin C. Of course, we gave it a test run in our kitchen and my kids loved it!

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6 – 8 ounces plain Kefir yogurt or cultured plain yogurt. Looking for other amazing recipes? And finally, I add some Greek yogurt, which adds a tangy flavor to this smoothie. I think I’ve learned to love sweet potato in a whole new way. Very ripe frozen mangos – If you don’t care for this smoothie being nice and thick you can use fruit that is not frozen.