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I may be bias, but you can trust me on this! Plus, it tastes refreshing. Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend to the desired consistency. Berries are also an excellent source of vitamin C. These healthy smoothies contain two or more of the nutrients that their immune system needs to function properly—protein, vitamins A, C and E and zinc. Are you ready to fight back against the flu? More specifically, taking a probiotic supplement has been shown to boost the immune system of participants in research and to reduce symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases and allergies. So much color!

They use only mid to late season fruit picked at its peak and process it in small batches to a higher standard, which gives their juice a richer, fresher taste. Blend the cabbage, water and oranges well until the mixture is completely smooth, and then add the remainder of the ingredients before blending well again. It’s naturally sweetened with frozen fruit and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that help keep the immune system in tip-top shape (goodbye colds)! Do you enjoy a good smoothie bowl? Post a photo and tag me on Instagram @24carrotkitchen!

I only recommend what I love and what I use in my own kitchen.

Immune Boosting Smoothie

I never have a problem eating all of my servings of fruit, especially here in California. But what about Vitamin E? Yogurts that have “live and active cultures” printed on the label, whether Greek or regular, are also believed to stimulate the immune system, increase gut health, and help fight diseases. I also love using ginger to help with nausea. The antioxidants found in spinach also help to protect your cells from environment damage that can weaken immune response. Try a peanut butter smoothie, or add a scoop of your favorite plant-based protein powder. The yoghurt is great for improving your gut health too, and adds a delicious creaminess.

Replace water or juice in any smoothie recipe with green tea for an extra immunity boost. You can add more apple juice or coconut milk for desired thickness. “It’s high in iron and vitamin A, both of which support the immune system,” she says. READ THE FULL DISCLAIMER HERE. Its full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and the Greek yogurt helps to add some healthy bacteria which is great for you immune system. Ah, more on that in another Behind the Scenes Real Life post! No shame in taking the gummies! I recommend blending your pitaya into a tropical smoothie.

Like spinach, colorful berries also contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C.

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What are some ways you can protect yourself? When it comes to helping my clients’ diets, I have them start each day with one of my signature immune-boosting, be-well smoothies. Because I deal with hormone imbalance, my state of mind very easily oscillates from peace to stress, and although my diet has been rich in proper nutrients, I often caught flu viruses.

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Have you heard about our newest cookbook, Copycat Cooking ? This is a great opportunity to rev up your immune system and start preventing colds and other sicknesses. You can find probiotic supplements in any health food store and you can also eat yogurt or kefir with live and active cultures to get probiotics. Yep, we want to keep that gut lining working strong! For most of the fall and winter months, we have stayed pretty healthy around here. Ripe bananas maybe could work too. If the smoothie is too thick, add more almond milk 1 tablespoon at a time.

Instant Pot Paleo Irish Beef Stew

Then, just as the last person was finally getting healthy the whole thing would start over again! Since starting the Healthy Living Challenge, I’ve spent a lot of time researching ingredients. Three, it’s way too freaking delicious not to share.

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Five years ago, I discovered yoga and meditation, and learned to recognize the stress signals to immediately unwind and lose the mental noise. Considered a “super fruit”, it’s packed with a ton of benefits like it’s active antioxidants. Vitamin E is known to be instrumental in supporting a healthy immune system, and almonds are an excellent source. Watch us make our Aloha Pineapple Jamba Juice Copycat Smoothie!

It will keep your immune system strong and help you to feel your best plus stay energized all day long! Although your immune system is elegantly designed to fight off sickness, it is not perfect. When you get a complete balance of nutrients every day, your whole body functions better. Quick and easy to make this smoothie is made from whole ingredients making it naturally gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and preservative free. Here is the list of the powerhouse ingredients that made it into this cold-busting elixir, and what they contribute to its health promoting effects: The coriander helps the whole body detox,, ginger reduces inflammation, baby spinach gives you much needed fibre and iron, and pear helps your body to eliminate toxins. When you are deprived of adequate sleep, you are more likely to get sick. We suggest tasting your smoothie before adding more of this super spice, as it does have a bold flavor.

  • Finally, Take a Break, Breathe and Enjoy a Healthy Snack Everyday.
  • It’s delicious.

Immune Booster Orange Smoothie

This healthy, delicious and creamy immune-boosting smoothie made with pineapple, orange, banana, lemon juice, orange peel, turmeric, ginger, and almond milk. It’s probably because she lives in LA, where health food is no longer a trend, but a way of life. On top of this, the coconut water contains essential electrolytes, which are fantastic if you need to rehydrate the morning after. If an antigen does get through, your immune system also produces white blood cells, sometimes called the soldiers of the body. For your smoothie, look for frozen acai pulp which usually contains no additives.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Why this simple “Detox and Immune Boosting Smoothie” is so powerful?

Carrots contain vitamin A precursors called carotenoids (beta carotene) that help promote vision and support a healthy immune system. If you prefer a green smoothie, add spinach, kale or your favorite leafy greens. Garnish with chia seeds, coconut flakes and mint leaves, and serve right away. Stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet are major causes of a weakened immune system in modern society. There’s a lot to be excited about when the temps start to drop and the seasons change: Medical studies on Elderberries have found them to be quite effective in treating the flu.

Super-Powered Coconut Energy Smoothie

— I used to drink a glass of wine each night with dinner, and although I still enjoy an occasional glass, most nights I drink a glass of kombucha instead. Your immune system is made up of a complex network of tissues, cells and organs that fight off the free radicals and antigens that cause illness and disease. 2 Sliced Orange Instructions Place all the ingredients in a blender jar and pulse to form a smooth consistency. “I reach for either mango or grapefruit, both of which are high in vitamin C,” she says. If you purchase through my links I receive a small commission to support my blog, but it will not affect your purchase price. When I think about sunflower seeds, I think about grabbing a giant bag for a road trip. Lastly, for extra immunity, you can add a drop or two of oil of oregano and a pinch of cayenne.

And with two young children in the house, I am sure we will be having our fair share of runny noses this coming winter. You can also use coconut water, another kind of juice or even any plant milk. Don’t ignore the other berries, though. ‘Delivers -> Organic Produce To Your Door’ and wait for it, there’s more: However, upon my first sip I realized what a game-changer this recipe was. Packed with 1000 mg of pure vitamin C with no binders, fillers, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, these capsules are also buffered with sodium ascorbate to decrease acidity, making them gentle on the stomach too.

There’s seriously a smoothie to aid any type of health woe.

Smoothie Ingredients to Reboot Your Immune System

Zicam — For the first time ever, after hearing my parents (who hardly ever pop a pill) swear by its effectiveness, I took this homeopathic remedy, which has been clinically proven to shorten colds when taken at the first sign. Probiotics help keep your gut healthy. They also seem to help your immune system better distinguish between your own cells and invaders.

Turmeric + Lemon

Swap out the fruits used for what you have on hand. This “Coldbuster” smoothie is full of immunity-boosting citrus fruit, pineapple, peaches, and strawberries to help keep you healthy all season long. I made this immune boosting smoothie in a Vitamix, which does an excellent job of breaking down thick veggies into a juice-like consistency. If you make this recipe, please feel free to share a photo and tag @TheRoastedRoot on Instagram!

I could write an entire blog post on this but I think it’s pretty self explanatory. I also like to toss a frozen banana into the blender because it helps to thicken the smoothie and sweeten it. Ginger, turmeric, flax seed, lemon juice, spinach, and blueberries are all rich in antioxidants. I ordered the ‘No-Cook’ box from Farm Fresh To You which contained a large variety of fruits and vegetables that people like you and me can use when they’re on the go.


Add apple cider vinegar and the small piece of peeled ginger. When your immune system is not working in an optimal way, you’ll find that every single seasonal cold comes after you like heat-seeking missiles. Kind of crazy isn’t it?