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With us gathering information all the time – creating energy cords and receiving them as well – it’s important to cleanse your chakras and release the stuff that doesn’t pertain or serve us. Emerald – is a powerful ally of the immune system as it can help to remain in good health when your body’s natural defences are low. Carry this stone with you to the bank, to business meetings involving finances, or place citrine on your desk and gaze at it while you work. A major stress reliever, eye of the storm switches off the ‘fight or flight’ response. Not just romantic love, but also love for one's self, family, friends, The earth and the Universe.

  • It’s also said to help get rid of emotional blockage and promote qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion to help find your true sense of self.
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  • Keywords; Purification.
  • Wear one over your heart so that you always have love with you.

Amethyst is wonderful for meditation, as it assists in entering a meditative state. A wonderful stone to invite love, assist in giving love and even attract your soulmate, rose quartz is all about the heart. Leave a glass of water out in sunlight for 6 hours and the UV rays in the light will destroy the microbes and make the water safe to drink. Carry your preferred immune boosting crystal(s) with you as needed, especially during cold and flu season. When you are feeling run down, burnt out, drained and constantly finding yourself getting sick over and over, this is a strong indicator that your immune system may be running a little low.

Check out these 20 healing crystals and their properties to uplevel your spiritual game and even help in the healing and treatment of physical ailments.

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Not to mention, it also allows you to show off each stone’s beauty. Carnelian packs a powerful punch of energy and is great for stimulating vitality. This includes your immune system. The information we provide and the healing properties attributed to a crystal is based on an understanding of the effect of the mineral composition on us at a micro level, as well as drawing from colour and chakra association and on decades of practitioner experience.

4 Black Tourmaline: The Ultimate Protector

It is perfect for helping you to release those negative belief patterns of the collective consciousness that you might have picked up. This smooth crystal is known as the “supreme nurturer. Citrine is a great stone for manifestation and connecting with Divine energy. This gemstone creates space for new information to be received. It also protects against computer and electromagnetic stress. It is now appreciated that crystals are part of the pathogenesis of numerous diseases, including gout, silicosis, asbestosis, and atherosclerosis. Similarly we have been asked in a more general sense about strengthening or boosting the immune system, especially as it plays such an important role in our overall health.

  • Sodalite enhances insight and can be used to understand circumstances with objectivity.
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  • I’ve always been a sucker for sparkly things.
  • Whether it’s overall good energy you want or specific healing powers, there’s nothing wrong with giving crystals an honest try.

How To Select Your Crystal

Gemstones are the secret keys to open your hidden potentials and strengths. Programming malachite for immune system strengthens and heals it owing to the anti-inflammatory traits it possesses. It also induces restful sleep that helps to combat insomnia. Most of the time it’s just due to stress. Flu fighting nutrition: give your immune system a boost, in a controlled experiment, the scientist can change one and only one factor, such as the amount of a particular chemical, and then measure the effect of that change on some other measurable phenomenon, such as the amount of antibodies produced by a particular type of immune system cell when it is exposed to the chemical. As the stone of the eye, opal can be used to help support the health of eyes and improve vision.

Moonstone can be used to aid the pituitary gland and digestive system, obesity, water retention, hormonal problems, menstrual problems. Kyanite helps the mind create pathways where none previously existed, especially in terms of emotional development and meditation. “Response to mass negativity and beliefs.

This particular crystal contains the entire color spectrum, and can be used to amplify desires, prayers, and manifestations from the spirit world to the physical world. Common or garden flint is often overlooked but it is particularly useful if you find it difficult to keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. It's time to rethink kids getting their tonsils out, expect some pain and discomfort after the tonsils are removed, which can make it hard to eat and drink. It is a stone of perfect order and perfect health, as it purifies, releases, and re-patterns anything in the physical body that is out of alignment. In fact, you’ve probably heard people talking about, and showing off, these beautiful stones. As such, the organism can defend itself even in cases where the damage caused by the pathogen, but not the pathogen itself, is detected. We will send this Reiki Charged as I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner & Crystal Healing Therapist.

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Used for auric protection, to raise your vibration, alchemize negative energy, and calming a chaotic mind. Use obsidian to relieve emotional distress that has long been buried, ignored, or even wiped from memory. I took a couple sick days & allowed myself to sleep & lay around as much as I wanted. Fluorite influences the immune system by activating prominent core chakras such as Third eye and Throat. And I needn't tell you this, but the best remedy is still rest. Chiastolite, also known as the Cross Stone, is a powerfully protective stone that was used in ancient times to ward off ill wishing and curses. Use this stone to reveal your shadow self, flaws, and weaknesses so you can better understand yourself. Rose quartz is said to also encourage love, respect, trust, and worth within one’s self — something we could all use in this day and age.

Place one over your thymus (the centre of your upper chest) whenever your immune system needs to be activated. Peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. A powerfully energising crystal, carnelian is a protection and good fortune amulet stone. This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack. It’s excellent for repairing and re-energising your aura and for keeping your energies pure.

Immune Boost with Malachite

Lay crystal on the body (in the order above starting at root chakra) for 15-30 minutes as needed. We have also had a couple of emails asking for tips and the best crystals to ward off winter bugs. It can also be used to alleviate stress and anxiety, and calm the nervous system. There are over ten different types of opal, all originating from different parts of the world with slightly different properties. By activating the hidden energies of Yin, Yan, Prana, Mana and much more, you must be fit physically and mentally.

Psychic abilities can be enhanced with kyanite as it deepens meditation and opens channels to the spirit realm. These are the basis, but to add some extra oomph to your preventative plan, you should be sure to support yourself energetically as well as physically. A mighty purification crystal, Aquatic Agate beads helps in controlling the weight, decrease blood disorders as well as thyroid issues by triggering the lymph flow. Europe pmc, "In this changing world, animals may experience stressful situations more often, in some cases due to new kinds of stressors such as interactions with humans or invasive species," she said. It’s that time of year again – when colds start coming in! Although the cold weather does us a favor by killing off disease-causing microorganisms and vectors, it does bring the onset of seasonal viruses.

Mindfully speaking, it encourages selflessness, creativity, and idealism while helping you live within the current moment. A study on Echinacea purpura showed a statistically significant decrease in symptoms versus a placebo. This can help improve things such as sensuality, sex, and intellect. Your physical and energy body is truly a miraculous device to live within. Every bead is handpicked and strung on a sturdy thread to ensure beautiful, lasting quality! It balances and energizes your Root Chakra as well as increasing your physical vitality. Even though there isn’t a great deal of scientific support of crystals, a number of people swear by their powers. Known to improve mental function by improving clarity of thought, agate is a wonderful stone to use before an important test, when writing, or when gathering thoughts for a meaningful conversation with someone you love and wish to communicate clearly with.

Emotional warmth.

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It stimulates the flow of lymph fluid and metabolic processes, reduces the formation of pus, detoxifies and neutralizes over-acidification. Due to the naturality, the stones may have tiny falws. Here is where I purchased Dioptase: This beautiful crystal releases unexpressed emotions and heals heartache, transmuting emotional conditioning that no longer serves you. ” It’s said to empower the spirit and support you through times of stress by preparing you to fully “show up. This stone also ensures physical, emotional, and mental balance, erases negativity, and bestows a positive attitude. Aquamarine – is good for strengthening the kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid. With all of the frightening news stories out there about how bad the flu is this season, it makes you consider wearing a mask when you have to go out in public!

For instance, researchers found that a person’s mind may have much more healing power than it’s given credit. Immunity boosting herbs and foods from indigo herbs. It is also known to help with conditions such as high blood pressure, chest and lung problems, healing the kidneys and adrenals, and vertigo. The crystal culture has blown up in the past decade and it is ever more important to shop intentionally from suppliers who source crystals sustainably and with conscious intention to not overly harvest these precious gifts from Mother Earth.

Purifying and aligning the whole chakra system to higher frequencies, it is an excellent stone for sweeping around your body to re-energise your whole being. A strong stone, it increases your physical vitality and stamina. It is a must have stone and ideal for encouraging love of all kinds and its soothing energy makes it the perfect stone to have around the home. So it’s no surprise people make tons of accessories out of them, like jewelry or home decorations.


This was perfect. Because of its blue hue, it is also associated with the Throat Chakra which supports clear communication. Even without knowing it, your body has an incredible army of protectors constantly on guard for you. However, they also help with concentration, motivation and hormone balance. It is wise to develop a strong immune system, where good habits and prevention play a key role.

Take a look at the following gemstones and tell us if you feel a surge of strength or power in your upper or lower chakras! Ohhhhh, this was so recuperating! This crystal carries the energy of the sun and during meditation, it will activate your solar plexus and allow you to make better life decisions. And revived my body, mind & spirit in the process. Citrine can help you attract abundance and financial wealth and stability. Special financing available Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time. Warming and highly creative it raises your self-esteem.

(5 inch), and Description Card. Spend at least eleven minutes doing this, and try it at least once or twice a week. Place one between your house and source of radiation or EMF such as power lines. This is the one stone I’m never without; I’d take it to a desert island with me as my one luxury. Excellent stone for the flu! Associated with the Heart Chakra, aventurine can create a sense of general well-being and emotional calm.


It increases intuition, harmonizes all the Chakras and can be programmed. My personal number one! Amethyst can be found in all corners of the world. Calcite, particularly green calcite, fortifies the immune system. Aquamarine choker necklace or pendant can instantly calm overactive reactions when used regularly. Use healing crystals to program your chakras, and thereby introduce amplified recovery , in addition to your medicines. Individuality.

Amazonite: Stone of Courage

Uplifting your immune system is a piece of cake when you’re using the crystal Lapis Lazuli. The immune system is associated with the Higher Heart chakra. That’s why animals are so grounded…are they wearing rubber soles? Yes, more acupuncture. Pyrite is a very positive stone that energizes any area near it. It reduces irritability, aggressiveness, impatience and all forms of anger.

These crystals are specifically grouped together to help boost the immune system and are POWERFUL in this layout.

Meditating on a desired outcome and carrying the stone with you can help to bring great healing and inner peace. It also is used to improve and strengthen the immune system. Remember that things begin on an energetic level before they manifest on the physical body level. It's a stabilizing stone. From the moment they’re born, our children are exposed to a toxic environment where electromagnetic waves, pesticides, pollution, and countless other negative influences abound. And the key to maintaining health is to have your entire being in balance. If you feel like you are coming down with something, consider Carnelian to be a crystalline form of Echinacea. This stone is often paired with others like rose quartz to aid and enhance their abilities.

Kyanite: The Stone of Emotion

Physically, clear crystals are claimed to help stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body. You could work with releasing fears around your relationship with your body, repeating positive affirmations to support the optimal functioning of your body, and sending light to your immune system and entire body while visualizing that it is strong and healthy. It’s a mental cleanser and detoxifier and helps with emotional healing. Helps dissolve negativity, bodily toxins, and fatigue. Sleep is another claimed benefit of this stone, from supposedly aiding in insomnia relief to understanding dreams.

Goldenseal root (Hydrastis canadensis) is often added to Echinacea as a tincture and is traditionally used for gastritis as it is known to be bactericidal to H. It can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose. Facts (and myths) about boosting your immune system, some contain colostrum, which is rich in antibodies and immunoglobulins A and E that may provide immune-modulating benefits. I know I was depleted in this area. STANDARD * BRACELET * SIZES: It can also be used to combat materialism and manage the ego. From treating Down ’s syndrome to DNA degeneration to vitamin deficiencies, Garnet also aligns all your chakras in the correct order by ejecting the toxins within you. Calcite – stimulates the immune system and absorbs negative energy, particularly Green Calcite.

They are the immune “busters” if you will. Keep it in your pocket and hold it over your chest at the first sign. For crystals to work their magic, you mentally have to remove the negative energy or skepticism you may have about their capabilities. It is also useful for harmonizing the relationship between intellect and intuition for a healthy balance that this grounded and enlightened. Facts (and myths) about boosting your immune system, a portion in your cai fan should be sufficient. A large piece within the house ensures safe space and a peaceful atmosphere. Known to stimulate the metabolism, garnet is a wonderful stone to get things in the body moving and, conversely, help clot blood and stop bleeding.

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Bring joy, wonder, and enthusiasm to every part of your life with citrine. Physically, Rose Quartz can help heal the heart and circulatory system. So the question is, how do I naturally heal my immune system and restore it back to being a strong and healthy immune system function?

Making gem elixir of malachite is an immune system booster that works well when you meditate with it. It clears mental influence if you are being overly affected by other people’s views or by your own outdated beliefs. Bloodstone is a top level healing stone that detoxifies and fortifies many systems of the body. Five easy (and surprising!) ways to boost kids’ immunity. While I don’t claim that crystals are a magic bullet of immunity, they can certainly assist your body and being on an energetic level.

I bought a rose quartz stone which is apparently good for anxiety. Wear an emerald pendant always on you if you have low immunity. Boy, did I NEED that! It promotes the absorption of calcium, thereby stimulating growth in young children. Amber must be gently rubbed across the inflamed area or across the abdomen for fast healing. It is enhanced when used in conjunction with Emerald and together these stones assist in combating throat and sinus infections and cure colds and flu quickly, especially as an elixir.

It is the most abundant crystal, and is found in ancient evaporated salt lakes and seas, and can be found from Mexico to Brazil and beyond.


It ensures physical, emotional, and mental balance. It stimulates the flow of lymph and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is offered for interest and as a guide.

Topaz has long been known to assist with mental illness, diseases of the eyes, dimness in sight, and to restore loss of taste.

Neuro–Immune Cell Units: A New Paradigm in Physiology

Lepidolite is a strong purification tool that dispels all negativity. Dioptase works by opening your Heart Chakra. It also aids in menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

There are lots of things we all try to do on a physical level to prevent cold and flu, like washing our hands (lots), eating healthy (plenty of fruits and veggies), getting plenty of rest (at least 7 or 8 hours), and loading up on Vitamin C (these are my FAVORITE!) Meditating with amethyst palm stone is considered ideal to strengthen the immune system. Sunlight is one of the most powerful natural sterilizers around and boosts of our immune system.

Adrenaline would be released, and as a result it would shut down blood flow to ‘unnecessary’ or ‘low priority’ organ systems to favor the muscles to get your butt away from danger and save your life. Aquamarine is an excellent choice for alleviating excessive immune reactions such as asthma and allergies. Vitamin effects on the immune system: vitamins a and d take centre stage. Highly effective for absorbing electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution, Green aventurine also promotes empathetic leadership.

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Amethyst does so by grounding harmful energies by activating Third eye and crown chakras. It’s also claimed to promote positive thinking, intuition, and inspiration while bringing forth success and good fortune. However, always seek medical attention from a qualified medical or mental health worker, or a Natural Health Practitioner, if you suspect you have a serious problem.

A miracle gemstone, amber patches are considered beneficial to release toxins and heal organs. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our website. It has been referred to as the “bloodstone” in ancient Greece because of the red hue of the iron content when found in nature. Bloodstone is a powerful yet gentle detoxer and boosts our immune system and healthy blood levels. Wear it or place it over your third eye. Here are my top recommendations for crystals that support the immune system. This stone is known to quite literally suck negative energy and low vibrations from a space or your body, and create room for the light to shine in.

We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They’re a great way for anyone to carry around the healing powers of crystals. How to fight a cold: foods that boost your immune system. It removes disillusionment, helping one to see their strengths and weaknesses more clearly.

Best Stones And Crystals For The Immune System

The intricate and complex systems of cells, tissues, organs, chakras, energy highways, and the interactive auric field work together to give you the sensations of life. Centered around the heart chakra, rose quartz can be used for deep emotional healing and release, and has been known to improve circulation and lower blood pressure. An antibody is a protein that is secreted by the white blood cells into the bloodstream to recognize and neutralize the negative intruders. It should not be taken as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice. Ideal for seniors as well as children, immune boosting gemstones work effectively when used as a supplement to medicines. It motivates you towards success in business and attracts abundance. With its association to the heart, Jade is good for filtering toxins and cleansing the body as a whole through the blood. It opens the heart and encourages unconditional love, trust and harmony.

It harmonizes the mental, physical and emotional bodies and reestablishes balance. Unlike most gemstones, jade does not merely direct energy flow but penetrate the immune system to induce regeneration of cells. Energetically speaking, the level of strength in your immune system symbolizes your ability to hold boundaries, use your ‘gut feelings,' and to recognize that which is only for your highest good. You can use 20-30 grams of dried astragalus root boiled, and the decoction used daily to help ward off infections. This crystal defuses negative situations and turns them around. These stones connect thought with intuition, heighten awareness, and boost our ability to communicate clearly. It invites the spirit to participate in the physical realm, and opens the channels of communication and creativity with the inner self for outward expression.

This highly grounding stone is found the world over in a variety of colors and compositions. 3 vitamins that are best for boosting your immunity – health essentials from cleveland clinic. In addition to supporting the physical body and the immune system, Fluorite stabilizes and strengthens the other levels of your being: This crystal is perhaps one of the most underrated but also one of the most powerful. Carry with you as needed. Tiger’s eye is also said to help guide you to harmony and balance to help you make clear, conscious decisions.

The formation and accumulation of crystalline material in tissues is a hallmark of many metabolic and inflammatory conditions.

6 Carnelian: The Energy Booster

Wear it or keep it at your feet to anchor you to the planet. Amber does so by using the supreme power of Solar Plexus chakras that nourishes the physical body. This beautiful, blue crystal is one of the most vibrant, ancient, and sought after on earth. It improves mineral assimilation, improves the circulation and provides more energy to your body. From physical to mental cleansing, fluorite wands help in superior gemstone programming too. 10 ways to support your pet’s immune system. But be aware that flint is also a portal stone that can take you journeying into other realms. It’s also extremely useful in eliminating stress, depression, and mood swings.

Fluorite is the one to grab when you feel you might be exposed to highly contagious infections, as it provides your body the strength and protection to avoid contracting the condition. This iron-rich stone is deeply grounding and connected to the earth. It can amplify a vibrant energy in the soul that is not commonly seen from other stones. Mother nature, however, has been kind enough to provide herbs that can help support us as well. Additional stones that could also help but are not included in this kit.

It energizes every aspect of life. Rubies were used in ancient times to help remove toxins from blood and improve the overall circulatory system. If our bodies were a car, it would have a old, dust-entrenched exterior, with items from times past strewn on the floors and seats. However as we have evolved, the dangers and threats have become less and less, but our natural response to stress is still there. 9 foods to defy flu and the cold, and boost your immune system. Metabolism, Radiation, Immune System, Digestion, Sore Throat, Fever, Headache, Sinus, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Autism, Dehydration, Menopause, Panic Attacks, and Muscle Tension.